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Bicyclist Doored by Parked Car

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People are injured on bicycles in all different sorts of ways. Commonly, the streets of Chicago are busy with cyclists. Scott is an avid bicyclist and understands the safety issues and risks while cycling. From time to time we represent people who are biking the streets minding their own business and an individual who has just parked a car, or is letting someone off, opens the car door and injures a bicyclist. I have seen people fracture their wrist and some even sustain traumatic brain injuries.

When we evaluate bicycle accidents, the person really determined to be at fault under the law is the individual who opened the car door, it could be either a passenger or a driver. We’ve had a number of cases where we’ve pursued insurance companies for either the driver or the passenger of the automobile, a person getting out of a cab, or people actually exiting large trucks or delivery vehicles.

Collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles often result in serious personal injuries or possibly even death. Our personal injury lawyers have a complete understanding of Chicago’s vehicle regulations. We are experts that allow us to pursue successful insurance settlements and bicycle injury lawsuits.

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