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Summer is Here…and So Are Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

On average, a pedestrian was killed every two hours and injured every seven minutes in traffic crashes. Fourteen percent of all traffic fatalities and an estimated 3 percent of those injured in traffic crashes were pedestrians.” (Traffic Safety Facts: Pedestrians, April 2014). US Dept of Transportation, National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Chicago is a great […]

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Sexual Abuse and Harassment Lawsuits

sexual harassment attorney

An avalanche of sexual assault and harassment claims have tumbled across the country. A stunning number of people, mostly women, have recounted their stories of sexual abuse and harassment at the hands of, mostly men, in some position of power. The #MeToo movement has become the story of the past year in US society. Time […]

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Uninsured vs. Under Insured Motorists in Illinois

Underinsured motorist claims

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist ClaimsYou may have an uninsured motorists claim or an under-insured motorists claim, or you may have a question about what type of claim that you do have. There are similarities between both types of claims, but there are differences that are important to understand.An uninsured motorist claim is a claim that […]

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Claire’s Recalls Makeup from Store Shelves

Mesothelioma - Claire's

Just a few days before Christmas 2017, Claire’s retail stores made a stunning announcement. It removed certain makeup products from its stores’ shelves and recalled those that had already been sold. The reason for the recall? The products were found to contain asbestos, a deadly substance known to cause mesothelioma, a type of cancer, and […]

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