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Personal Injury Cases Involving Airport Workers

airport worker and injuries

As an airport worker, you have demanding job duties and work in environments that can increase your risk for injury. Airport injuries are often a result of working with dangerous equipment, hard physical labor, and, in some cases, your employer’s failure to keep you safe. These injuries can be serious (and sometimes fatal), leaving you […]

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Who Are Substandard Auto Insurers?

insurance policy claims

This is the first post in a series about substandard automobile insurers and Blumenshine Law Group’s fight to win compensation for our clients from these insurers.Substandard auto insurers (also known as nonstandard insurers) have the following characteristics:They almost always issue policy limits of the statutory minimum to their customers. The statutory minimum limit in Illinois […]

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Illinois Governor and Department of Insurance Director Call Out Insurance Company Claims Practices

insurance claims money

Governor J.B. Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Insurance warned insurance companies on Monday to pay their insured’s claims or face government action. The Governor also called on insurers to expedite claims handling and to treat all policyholders fairly, regardless of size. His actions follow property damage and business losses in the wake of looting […]

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Chicago Car Accident Lawyers

car accident

We’re a Chicago personal injury law firm experienced in car accident cases. Chicago is a big city with busy roads and highways that, when combined with the poor driving of others, make car accidents a common occurrence. After a car accident, injured parties come to our team of experienced Chicago car accident lawyers for help. Our […]

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