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Food Trucks, Food Safety & Food Poisoning

Food Trucks and Food Poisoning

In the last few years, food trucks, technically called Mobile Food Vehicles (MFV), have found their way to Chicago streets. They are like little restaurants on wheels which sell food ranging from tacos and pizza to gourmet pancakes and lobster rolls. It all seems great for the consumer. And, it is. Until it isn’t and you […]

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Public Policy Protections of Underinsured Motorist

Car Accident - Chicago accident attorneys

The Policy (Newsletter of the Insurance Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association) Allstate Insurance Company violated the consumer protection purposes of the Illinois Underinsured Motorist Statute when it denied recovery of underinsured motorist to an injured passenger. The Illinois Appellate Court reversed a trial court order that upheld Allstate’s assertion of a […]

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Cruise ship Injuries and Deaths 

Cruise Ship Injuries - Accident Attorneys

In early April, a San Diego Bay cruise boat crashed into the dock causing many potential serious injuries to the boat’s passengers. In February 2016, the cruise ship Crown Princess, returned to its Los Angeles port after a two-week cruise on which 200 of the passengers contracted Norovirus. A Canadian cruise ship that hit a wall caused […]

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Your First Medical Treatment After a Vehicle Accident

uninsured vehicle accident

In 2014, there were 296,049 motor vehicle crashes in Illinois with 61,084 causing injuries. Some injured people were taken directly to the hospital by ambulance. Others went to an emergency room, urgent care center or their physician on their own on the day of the collision. Still others went home, and sought medical attention in the days after the […]

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Food Poisoning Occurs More Than You Realize

Food Poisoning

Early this February, all 1,900 Chipotle restaurants across the country were closed while employees were instructed on proper food handling techniques. The shut-down follows a year in which health officials traced two major outbreaks of E.coli poisonings to Chipotle outlets. The first outbreak sickened 55 people in 11 states, including one person in Illinois. The […]

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How Bad Weather Increases Driving Accidents

Accidents- Bad weather Driving

How Bad Weather Increases Driving AccidentsAccording to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) out of nearly six million vehicular accidents that occur every year in the U.S., approximately 22 percent are weather-related. Nearly 6,000 people are killed and another 445,000 injured due to accidents that occur during bad weather.Just a few days ago, I-74 in Illinois […]

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