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Insurance Claims for the General Practitioner

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To fully understand what insurance claims cover, and don’t cover, here in Illinois, we have provided an in-depth look into insurance claims. This will help you see all of the different aspects to an insurance claim and why it’s important to get claims filed correctly. INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR THE GENERAL PRACTITIONER – First Party Insurance […]

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What is Litigation?

Chicago Litigation Attorney Litigation is that process that encompasses filing a lawsuit. Many claims do not progress to a trial. However, I have made my living and reputation representing cases that are involved in legal action. Meaning: we have to file a lawsuit, gather all the pertinent information (be it statements, medical records, public records), […]

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Bicyclist Doored by Parked Car

bicycle accident - chicago bicycle lawyers

Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorneys People are injured on bicycles in all different sorts of ways. Commonly, the streets of Chicago are busy with cyclists. Scott is an avid bicyclist and understands the safety issues and risks while cycling. From time to time we represent people who are biking the streets minding their own business and an […]

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Disability: Loss of Normal Life

Shadow of person in wheelchair - Chicago personal injury lawyers

Total or Partial Disability After an Accident In Illinois, part of the value of your claim can be based on any disability you have. Disability is either a total or a partial inability to do what you did before the incident. What’s an example? A lot of people these days work out: might work out […]

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