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Who Is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

traffic accident potential

Who Is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?Vehicle collisions typically involve just two vehicles. Sometimes, though, three or more cars or trucks are involved. This is known as a multi-vehicle accident. In some cases, auto accidents are minor. In other cases, vehicle collisions can cause very severe injuries or fatalities, such as those that occur in […]

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What are Punitive Damages and Why do We Need Them?

punitive damages

Punitive damages are needed in our society to punish and discourage dangerous conduct that endangers us. Extremely hazardous and outrageously reckless behavior can lead to severe injury and death. Illinois (and US) civil law provides a means to prevent others from acting in a way that puts people at unnecessary risk of harm. The Illinois […]

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Car Accidents and Neurological Issues

car accidents and neurological issues

Most injuries suffered in a car accident are immediately apparent. For example, a broken bone or a severe neck or spine injury causes substantial pain and limitation of movement. An open bleeding wound or a substantial joint derangement are other types of injuries that are immediately known to the victim. Neurological injuries may also be […]

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Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

chicago trucking accident attorneys

Representing Victims of Trucking Accidents Trucks have the potential to cause great harm. They’re big, fast and heavy. All of us have responsibilities and we all have obligations. But the bigger the risk of harm, the greater the liability. Truck drivers, owners, and truck companies have a large responsibility that corresponds with the risk.According to […]

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¿Qué es un reclamo de motorista sin seguro?

auto insurance uninsured motorist

Una reclamación de motorista sin seguro es una reclamación que usted tiene como resultado de algún tipo de colisión del vehículo. Podría ser un pasajero en un automóvil, un peatón o un ciclista. Un reclamo de conductores sin seguro está disponible si el vehículo que lo golpeó no tenía seguro. Eso es un reclamo de […]

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