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Chicago Car Accident Attorneys

car accident

Chicago Car Accident AttorneysWhen you are injured in a car accident, the last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours fighting with the insurance companies trying to get what you are owed. It is important to hire a capable Chicago car accident attorney who will be able to get what you deserve. […]

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Who Is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?

traffic accident potential

Who Is Liable in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?Vehicle collisions typically involve just two vehicles. Sometimes, though, three or more cars or trucks are involved. This is known as a multi-vehicle accident. In some cases, auto accidents are minor. In other cases, vehicle collisions can cause very severe injuries or fatalities, such as those that occur in […]

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Car Accidents and Neurological Issues

car accidents and neurological issues

Most injuries suffered in a car accident are immediately apparent. For example, a broken bone or a severe neck or spine injury causes substantial pain and limitation of movement. An open bleeding wound or a substantial joint derangement are other types of injuries that are immediately known to the victim. Neurological injuries may also be […]

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Chicago Truck Accident Lawyers

chicago trucking accident attorneys

Representing Victims of Trucking Accidents Trucks have the potential to cause great harm. They’re big, fast and heavy. All of us have responsibilities and we all have obligations. But the bigger the risk of harm, the greater the liability. Truck drivers, owners, and truck companies have a large responsibility that corresponds with the risk.According to […]

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Who is at fault in a multiple car accident?

multi car accident

Earlier this year, a driver on the Congress Expressway, who was apparently having a medical emergency, slammed into the back of a pick-up truck before running into several other vehicles. The pick-up driver was killed. Eleven individuals were injured, seven of them hospitalized in serious or critical condition. A total of eight cars were involved. […]

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Traffic Fatalities Are Increasing

Illinois Traffic Accidents Increasing

Whether you are driving a few blocks to the grocery store, across town to the shopping mall, or you are on a long road trip, be careful when driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a report finding a nationwide increase in traffic fatalities for the first six months of 2015. According […]

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Construction Zone Crashes: Who is Liable?

Construction zones and accidents, who is responsible?

Earlier this year, two fatal car accidents occurred in the same month in the same construction zone on the Jane Addams (Illinois I-90) Tollway. Ironically, one of the tragic collisions happened during National Work Zone Awareness Week.In the first accident, one person was killed and six people were injured when their limousine driver hit a […]

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