Chicago Injury Attorney Client Testimonials & Reviews

Client Testimonials

Chicago Injury Attorney Client Testimonials & Reviews

At the Blumenshine Law Group we strive to attain the best results for you and your case. Read the following feedback from clients we have received. If you are a past client or current client and would like to submit your own feedback, please email us at


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help. I appreciate you taking the time to represent me in my time of need. Thank you for your time, patience and legal expertise. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

P.S. Dennice is Awesome!

-A. Conwell

Scott has helped me with 2 cases and I’ve had no problems.

-N. Taylor

Thank you for taking my case and being so kind and considerate and never forgetting to update me on where we were in the process. Thank you Scott and Catalina and anyone else that worked on my case.

-M. Bentley

They really seem to care.


I was in an accident and hired this law firm to represent me, I was very satisfied with the outcome. If I have more legal needs in the future I will give them a call.

-Natalie A.

…they know exactly what they are doing. They will tell you from day one what will happen. They have a great team and they will be with you until the end. Thank you Scott, Catalina and Jon, you were all great.

Scott is great attorney and good person all around.

-Joseph C.

I have always experienced the best service with my legal concerns and will continue to use their services.



I am sitting at my computer, having a glass of Fancy Pants red wine.

I have a sense of relief that has come over me. I can not begin to explain, how I feel. I had a breakdown today after checking my account. It was a feeling of freedom, a thankfulness, and a breath of air, I have not felt in years. The struggle is finally over, I went after work and bought myself a much needed pair of new shoes and cried the whole time. How fortunate the wealthy must feel. I first gave thanks to God, everything is his and didn’t not want to let this for one minute go to my head. Second, I thank you… I know not always pleasant in my words, but the desperation was wearing on me. Thank you Scott from my heart, your hard work, the extra efforts, your kindness, Catalinia, and your skills at what you are so good at. Fighting for what is right! You are a good soul, and I appreciate you. I hope you are having a glass of wine too!

– S.S.

Dear Mr. Blumenshine,

I want to thank you and your employees for the outstanding work you accomplished in handling my case.  I had this insurance company for several years and I paid my premiums on time, every time.  When I was injured and needed them to fulfill their obligation to help me, they all but abandoned me.  If it was not for you and your law firm, they would have surely taken advantage of me.  From the beginning of this process you informed me how this case would unfold.   The advice you have me in this case was invaluable.  In this case you worked hard, you fought for me, and you were honest.  I felt that this insurance company treated me like a criminal instead of a policy holder who was injured and needed their help.  Instead of them doing the “right thing’, they did what they thought was right for their company.  Toward the end of this case out of desperation, this insurance company did what I thought was not only unethical but immoral.  In spite of their actions, you stuck with the case and continued to fight for me until we had a positive ending result.  I was impressed by the fact that this was a big insurance company with a lot of money, with a department full of lawyers, and they fought this case “tooth, nail, and claw”, however you were not intimidated by their size or their lawyers, and you still won this case for me.  I am more than satisfied with your law firm in handling my case.  Your employees were very professional and considerate, and I would strongly recommend your law firm to other potential clients.  Again, Scott it was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you.  I not only considered you my counsel but a personal friend as well.  Thank you.


– Thomas A.



The lawyers born to fight
Like pilots for the flight
Like chefs to cool the meal
A smith to cut the steel
So, we do believe in you
We all must get what’s due
And you shall bloom and shine
You’ ll will and say a toast with wine!
Best wishes, Tasty dishes
In addition to above Longevity, Prosperity and Love!
With Gods blessings we won’t yield
We rely on you as best Shield
So we must be winners at the battlefield!


Dear Scott,

I wanted to write you a letter to thank you for all of the time you spent working on my uninsured motorist case against Allstate. Your patience and perseverance was admirable. Fortunately, it was worth the effort.

As you know, the money that you helped me obtain in the settlement went towards the down payment on a beautiful 10 acre lot outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The purchase of this property has allowed me to get another step closer to a life-long dream. When I went to college Albuquerque, I fell in love with the state of New Mexico. Santa Fe was my favorite city. I have been back frequently to visit, but did not think that I would have the opportunity to move back there.

Thanks again for all of your help.


Dear Scott,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your efforts and determination that you had Scott. Thank you for not giving up on me when everyone else did. I could tell that you had compassion form my case, you saw how my leg injury really affected me.  And for that, I thank you. Thank You for putting yourself in my shoes and realizing how bad this thing really was.  The hard work you and your team did will never be forgotten. Thank you from me and my family. 🙂

-Michael B


There are not enough words or enough cards to thank you for all you have done for us. You helped us in so many ways and when it got really tough, we could always count on you to be there. You became a big part of our lives and for that we will always be grateful.

-Michael and Ellen C.


Scott Blumenshine has been honest, ethical and hard working in representing my wife and I. We would highly recommend him as an intelligent and up front attorney.



I am very pleased with the services that I received from this firm.  I always knew that Scott was looking out for me and my best interest, and he showed that in his tireless pursuit for me.  Thank you to Scott and staff.

-Ms. Washington


All of the law firm employees were very supportive.

-Robert T.C.


Scott Blumenshine is a good, honest, fair lawyer.  Their employees are hard workers.

-Jeff R.


Everyone was very friendly and professional, as well as honest and forthcoming with my case and progression. I was treated very well, and with respect at all times.



Meyer & Blumenshine were very helpful with my injuries caused by a car accident.



Scott Blumenshine was very easy to work with and had excellent communications, as well as explanations of the process. I feel that Scott did everything he could to make sure I was satisfied with the outcome of the case – and I was! Thank you for all you did.



Meyer & Blumenshine was always available to answer any and all of my questions and genuinely cares about their clients. I feel that they worked very hard to ensure the best outcome for my case.



Meyer & Blumenshine showed their dedication to a positive outcome. I appreciate their loyalty and dedication to my case.