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Disability: Loss of Normal Life

Total or Partial Disability After an Accident

In Illinois, part of the value of your claim can be based on any disability you have. Disability is either a total or a partial inability to do what you did before the incident.

What’s an example? A lot of people these days work out: might work out at home, might go to the gym, or sometimes people play different sports. A total disability would be, for example, if you were a golfer before the incident, but because of a car collision your back is hurt so bad that you can’t golf at all. That’s total disability.

What is partial disability? That is part of the value of your claim. You may be a person who went to the gym before the incident and you did an hour of high speed, high capacity aerobics. After the incident, because of the pain, you may be only able to do your aerobics for half an hour. That is partial disability.

That concept of disability carries through in all areas of your life: sleeping, walking, standing, eating, working, or recreational activities. Looking at the value of the claim with regard to disability, you must look at:

  1. How bad the disability was
  2. Was it partial or total
  3. How long did it last

These are factors in determining the value of your claim.

If you’ve been partially or totally disabled, our injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injury and treatments. For a free consultation, contact us today using our web form or calling us at (312) 766-1000.

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