Illinois State Bar Association - Hot Topics in Insurance

Hot Topics in Insurance Coverage Seminar

Illinois State Bar Association Insurance Law Seminar

Expert practitioners in Illinois will be presenting on insurance law hot topics at a webinar on June 3, 2015 at 9 am.

The seminar is hosted by the Insurance Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association. Coordinators are David Kroeger of Jenner and Block and Scott Blumenshine of the Blumenshine Law Group.

Edward Eshoo of Childress Duffy Goldblatt represents policyholders. He will talk on the subject of the examination under oath. Property insurance claims often trigger a request from the insurance company that the insured submit to sworn statement. Insurance policies have cooperation clauses. Insurers often speak of the obligation of “absolute” cooperation. The questioning and request for documents can be extensive. The question answered by Mr. Eshoo will be the nature and extent of the claimant’s obligation to cooperate. Mr. Eshoo will shed light on the principles and guidelines that govern the insurer’s requests.

William McVisk of Johnson and Bell represents insurers. He will discuss risk shifting measures by insurers. His presentation is entitled: “Other Peoples’ Insurance.” Mr. McVisk will explore contractual terms and litigation strategies for insurers to mitigate their exposure.

Jan Larson of Jenner and Block is a member of the firm’s insurance recovery and counseling practice. She will present on the newsworthy topic of insurance coverage for cyber and data risk exposures. Ms. Larson will discuss insurance coverage for losses related to data breaches, hacking and other cyber issues. She will also speak to the development of new insurance coverage to address these claims.