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What are Punitive Damages and Why do We Need Them?

punitive damages

Punitive damages are needed in our society to punish and discourage dangerous conduct that endangers us. Extremely hazardous and outrageously reckless behavior can lead to severe injury and death. Illinois (and US) civil law provides a means to prevent others from acting in a way that puts people at unnecessary risk of harm. The Illinois […]

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Is Your Attorney an Ambulance Chaser?

speeding ambluance

Ambulance chasing lawyers and their “investigators” run rampant. Ambulance chasers are lawyers (or their paid people) who literally chase ambulances. They pay cops, paramedics, hospital staff, nurses and others to provide contact information about injury victims. The ambulance chasers or their “investigators” then inappropriately contact injured people to persuade them to sign a representation agreement. If […]

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