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Making United Equitable Insurance Company Honor Its Policy

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This is the third part in a three part series about substandard auto insurers. Part two can be found here.

The Blumenshine Law Group (“BLG” ) secured a substantial victory for its injured clients in an uninsured motorist coverage claim that was denied by a substandard auto insurance company. Our four clients in this case were all hurt in a serious crash with an uninsured driver. 

After determining that the at-fault driver had no insurance assets or income to pursue, we pursued uninsured motorist coverage through our client's insurance company, United Equitable Insurance Company (“United Equitable”). Although it received monthly premium payments, United Equitable denied the uninsured motorist claims in reliance upon multiple fine-print technicalities in the policy. 

Taking United Equitable to Court

BLG litigated in court with United Equitable through many motions, briefings, and oral arguments set over more than three years. The trial court ultimately agreed with BLG and decided against United Equitable, ruling that coverage existed at the time of the collision.

United Equitable then filed an appeal to the Illinois appellate court. After extensive briefing on the issues, the Appellate Court also ruled for BLG’s clients and against United Equitable, upholding the trial court’s ruling.

Specifically, the appellate court held that under the insurance policy, BLG’s clients did not prejudice United Equitable by pursuing the uninsured motorist policy instead of the uninsured, and asset-less, at-fault driver. The appellate court found that United Equitable failed to comply with Illinois law. Therefore, coverage existed at the time of the collision. United Equitable then filed an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court. The Supreme Court denied the insurance company's appeal.

BLG Holds United Equitable Accountable

After years of United Equitable's denials and delays, it tendered the entirety of its uninsured motorist policy limits to BLG's four injured clients. BLG's persistence and experience in litigation forced United Equitable to honor its insurance policy to the benefit of our injured clients.

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