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Injured by a Defective Product? Who is Responsible?

Manufacturing defects

Manufacturers have a legal obligation to design and manufacture safe products that do not injure consumers. A manufacturer’s duty follows the benefit of using our system of commerce on product sales.When a manufacturer makes an unreasonably dangerous product that seriously injures someone, they can be liable for the damages caused by their product. There are […]

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Tire Blowout and Personal Injury Recovery

Tire blowouts and personal injury

September and October were dangerous for some Illinois drivers due to defective tires. In September, a 50-year-old Des Plaines man was killed when the rear tire of his motorcycle blew out. He lost control of the bike and was catapulted onto the roadway where he was hit by a semi-truck. He was then gruesomely run […]

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Deaths Caused by IKEA Toppled Dressers

Toppled Dressers Can Cause Serious Injury or Death

In early January 2017, a Utah mother posted a video of her 2-year old twins which, as they say, “went viral.” The toddlers were climbing on the six-drawer IKEA dresser in their bedroom when it toppled over on them, trapping one twin, Brock, under the dresser. The surveillance video the family had installed in the […]

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