Scott Blumenshine to participate in Making the Most of Your Arbitration

Scott Blumenshine to participate in “Making the Most of Your Arbitration” Discussion at the CBA

On June 15, 2015Scott A. Blumenshine, Esq. of the Law Offices of Meyer & Blumenshine,  Hon. Judge Dennis J. Burke, (Ret.) and Mindy M. Medley of Clausen Miller PC will present “Making the Most of Your Arbitration” at the Chicago Bar Association (CBA).  ADR Systems Executive Director of Business Development and Marketing, Jann Johnson, Esq will moderate the discussion.

Lawsuits typically either settle or go to trial. Settlement is often not possible because the parties are too far apart in their positions. A trial is costly and the result can be uncertain. Another option to resolve legal disputes is arbitration, this widely used method has become commonplace for resolving disputes. Law or contracts often mandate arbitration. The parameters, such as a high-low agreement, where both parties negotiate that an award will be no higher or lower than a certain amount, can be negotiated. This seminar will cover topics including how and why to choose arbitration, selecting the proper arbitration forum, determining rules of evidence and procedure, and how to best represent a client at the hearing. Judge Burke will present a judge’s perspective. Mr. Blumenshine will provide input from the perspective of a plaintiff’s attorney. Ms. Medley will present views from the perspective of a defense attorney.

The presentation will include the opportunity for audience participation and time for questions and answers. Continuing Legal Education credit will be provided.