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Speed Matters – 21 Day Settlement “Minimum Time for Maximum Recovery”

Settlements and compensationYou want your settlement sooner rather than later. You got hurt, you are being treated for your injuries and you are hopefully healing. You may be off work and rehabbing to get yourself back to work. Your car may need repairs or it is totaled and you need a new car. Bills are coming in. All sorts of stuff is spinning around you. It feels out of control.

In the meantime, the insurance claim process proceeds and you feel that you have no idea of what is happening.

You need help.

We can help you. Our mission is to get you your maximum recovery in the minimum time.

We just obtained a 21 day settlement for a client. He was walking his bike at a Chicago intersection in the crosswalk. A truck driver ran into him and broke his leg. It was gruesome. Our client needed surgery to repair his fractured tibia. The orthopedic surgeon did an “open reduction and closed fixation” surgery and put a rod into the damaged bone to stabilize it.

Our client came to us in need. He is badly injured. He does not speak English. He had no idea what to do. We took action. We obtained investigation reports and medical records. We contacted the other driver and his insurance company.

We then demanded that the truck driver’s insurance company pay the driver’s liability insurance policy limits or face a lawsuit for both the injuries and for vexatious denial and delay in handling the claim.

Within 21 days of our client retaining us, the truck driver’s insurance company tendered (offered) the liability policy limits to settle the case. This 21 day result is not standard nor typical. Our client had a significant injury. The other driver had modest policy limits. So we forced the hand of the insurer. The point is that the action we took is standard and typical. We are willing ready and able to spring into action for you.

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