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Substantial Victory in Uninsured Motorist Case

The Blumenshine Law Group recently secured a substantial victory for its injured clients in an insurance coverage case. Their clients were hurt in a car with an uninsured driver that had no personal assets to pursue. Given the at-fault driver’s uninsured status, the Blumenshine Law Group’s (“BLG”) clients turned to their own insurance company, United Equitable Insurance Company, in order to make them whole again. Despite paying premiums and with United Equitable Insurance Company after the collision, the insurance company denied BLG’s clients’ Uninsured Motorist Claim due to a fine print technicality. The insurer decided that the clients’ were not covered at the time of the collision under their policy for which they paid and relied upon.

After it was evident to them an amicable resolution would be impossible, BLG pursued their clients’ interests in Court. Throughout four years of litigation, United Equitable Insurance Company continually attempted to confuse the issues of the clients’ claim, diminish their rights under the insurance policy, and delay the proceedings in their entirety.

After months of briefing and orally arguing the coverage issues for the Court, the Court recently issued a definitive ruling in favor of the BLG’s clients and against United Equitable Insurance, the Court finding that coverage existed at the time of the collision. While Scott Blumenshine and Alex Adeszko are confident that this ruling will be upheld on United Equitable Insurance Company’s inevitable appeal, Scott and Alex will continue to pursue their clients’ rights until all legal remedies are exhausted no matter how long it takes or the cost involved. This is clearly an opportunity to bolster Illinois law that benefits the insurance policyholder. A BLG victory on appeal will make it more difficult for insurance companies to vaguely and routinely deny uninsured motorist claims by their policyholders that cooperate during investigations of their claims.